StarShine Creations

Take a moment to remember – may it give you light and hope.

StarShine Creations started as a small home based project filled with a bucket of passion for people who have lost a family member of any age and have to walk the journey of loss and grief. I am creating soy candles in tea cups for affected people and in 2018 so far I have provided 100 candles to the Auckland and Waikato community. This project is mostly self-funded and I am very lucky and grateful for the support from Auckland Hospital, Grief Centre, Sands, Habitat for Humanity Restore, Auckland Council, friends, family and my wider community.  

I have given candle workshops in my neighbourhood and invited families to join producing individual candles to help raise awareness and breaking the taboo of talking about loss as everybody will be impacted at some stage of their lives. This workshop was funded through Neighbours Day from Auckland Council. 

Reaching out to the grieving community and planting some hope and light for the lost ones is a way to comfort and acknowledge the struggles you can face but also the memories and ongoing connection with your loved ones. Having experienced grief changed me into an even more compassionate and patient person. Every kind small word or action can go a long way and make a huge difference in people‚Äôs day.   

Another aspect of this project is to reduce waste by recycling and reusing products such as donated tea cups and glasses from the regional community, OP Shops or purchased as second hand product.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to:

  • donate and drop off tea cups 
  • donate money for this project (you could purchase a cup and I can pass it on to a member of our community)
  • if you would like to pick up a candle for someone who has lost a family member. 
  • If you like to register your interest to join the next candle making workshop