A smile is a universal welcome

Titirangi Body Mind Balance is a small personal Reiki and BodyTalk clinic nestled in the hills of Titirangi.  Daphne is a Reiki Master and certified BodyTalk Practitioner and her sessions are in a peaceful and tranquil environment which caters to your individual needs and strengthens your self-healing abilities to balance your body, mind and spirit.

Both techniques are simple, gentle, hands-on energy techniques that are used for stress reduction, relaxation and shifting blockages which promotes healing and increased wellbeing. Our lives can get very busy, stressful and at times overwhelming. Reiki helps to relax deeply and shift blockages within you. It is highly recommended to book a Reiki session post surgery or before a medical treatment especially when you experience anxiety. The reduction of stress and anxiety supports the success of the surgery/treatment and the post surgery healing process. BodyTalk is a consciousness based dynamic model which uses the knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine. It reveals the priority areas in your body which needs to be balanced.

The Reiki and BodyTalk session is all about you and it is complementary to any other form of medical or psychological treatment. Daphne makes sure your treatment is in the most respectful, caring and natural way to help to reconnect to the most natural and pure being you can be. Daphne does not diagnose conditions, prescribe or perform medical treatment – instead she focuses improving to a healthy and joyful body mind balance. 

Daphne is a certified member of Reiki NZ and IBA Global Healing (International BodyTalk Association) and works under their code of ethics.