ReikiAre you living a busy life and your body is telling you to stop for a moment and listen to it’s signals? Are you in pain, feeling anxious, grieving, living with a permanent lack of sleep and would like to deeply relax and recenter yourself? Are you due to an invasive medical treatment (for example a surgery) or are you due to a long craved holiday and don’t want to spend the first week unwinding? Titirangi Body Mind Balance offers you a safe, relaxing and … Continue reading

BodytalkAre you ready to make your health and wellbeing your first priority by incorporating a 5 min routine into your daily life? Your life imbalances can resynchronised, reset and rebalanced through a gentle, non invasive tapping method. This will have a profound effect on your mood, normalising the stress household and health and wellbeing especially after an accident, ongoing health issues or chronic conditions.

StarShine Creations – I am creating soy candles in tea cups for affected people and in 2018 so far I have provided 100 candles to the Auckland and Waikato community. This project is mostly self-funded and I am very lucky and grateful for the support from Auckland Hospital, Grief Centre, Sands, Habitat for Humanity Restore, Auckland Council, friends, … Continue reading