There is a whole universe within

Hello my name is Daphne and I love life and living joyful, grateful and connected with myself and the wider community. Being healthy and active is very important to me. My whole life is dedicated to interact in different ways with human beings from all different kind of backgrounds and all different stages of life.  To give you a snapshot, I worked at an adventure playground, circus project, drug rehab, orphanage in Colombia, University of Auckland, Council, Youth Recreational Centres in Europe, with Asylum Seekers, Advisor for International Students, Mediation, Plunket, Playball, Little Kickers, Reiki, Body Talk.

Every day is a new opportunity to learn – Having a colourful mix of work experience combined with traveling the world, Immigrating and keeping a curious mind helps me to develop a deeper understanding of different life styles and healing modalities and how your health and wellbeing can be improved immensely in a gentle way.

Having a young family is one of the most magic and exhausting moments and it’s a great opportunity to live holistically together and working continuously towards a balanced healthy body and mind balance. Children are enriched by following their instincts, intuition and seeing the world with a curious heart. We enjoy sharing Reiki and BodyTalk when hurdles come up and observing the wonders of these gentle ancient techniques growing strong, confident and resilient children.

As a natural next-step from raising young children and seeing the benefits of Reiki and BodyTalk practice for my family, I decided to start my own home-based Reiki and BodyTalk clinic and every single day I am amazed about the changes people choose to implement in their lives. It is a honour to witness seeing people arriving in pain, depression, anxiety, or having chronic diseases and seeing their transformation just after a few sessions entering the practice with a smile on their face and how many issues have been resolved and new opportunities have come up in their lives. They report about moving into a more joyous and happy life.